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Thread: ag front engine faulty in tane

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    Default ag front engine faulty in tane

    hello to all:

    I have download an steam engine avgn class ag from ben neals web site. I got this faulty dependency kuid96914:50167:3 dependency name is ag front engine .

    - <kuid2:96914:50167:3> VE165: Texture 'digit_0.texture' is missing or could not be loaded in mesh 'lod2.im', material '*lod2*3FD6B76C*digit1*m.onetex'.
    - <kuid2:96914:50167:3> VE170: Failed to open compiled texture 'digit_0.texture' for 'arc:fld:$(local)/hash-DD||kuid2 96914 50167 3.tzarc|'

    hope someone can shed some light on this.

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    In previous Trainz versions, I searched for example: "digit_0.texture", and it took a long, long, while to search my PC for it, then I copy/pasted it into that file that shows: "the texture is missing", I hope this method works in your Trainz version
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    Copy the file digit_1.texture.txt and rename the copy digit_0.texture.txt .


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