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Thread: ex trainzers and content creators.

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    Default ex trainzers and content creators.

    It seems trainz has lost many trainz old timers and content creators who are still around. It would be cool to have them back ...not ? Especially now that we should all stand together..
    World peace is a bit far off, lets work at Trainz peace for now

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    Now that "we should all stand together" (which I totally disagree on; we should all stand at least 1.5 meters or 6 feet apart), a lot of us are fighting for our lives, our jobs or trying to entertain kids that are no longer welcome at school / day care due to lockdowns.
    In other words: I am sure some of us would love to create content (like myself), but they have a serious lack of time.
    In other cases, people have just moved on, either to other hobbies or the rail yard in the sky.

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    It would also be nice if some of the many many many people who visit and view the forums but never join do so. I would love to hear more new users and their stories and views, good or bad.
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