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    Default Content Marked Obsolete

    This is in relation to TRS2019 SP4

    May these 18,751 items be removed from the system.

    Also what is the approved way of carrying out this procedure.

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    AFAIK "Obsolete" means that an updated version has been installed on your system. Theoretically any route or session, for example, that came with any of the obsolete assets will have those assets updated to the newest versions, although there have been some cases where this has not happened. So, theoretically, you can safely delete all the obsolete assets.

    However, if any of the obsolete items are also "Built-in" then they cannot be deleted.

    If you are ultra cautious (and I would be before deleting that many assets) there are some other steps you can try first.

    1. run a DBR - it could remove some of these "obsolete" labels as being unnecessary.
    2. select a group of "obsolete" assets and identify their "Dependents" (not "Dependencies") - this will tell you which other assets depend on them. If there are no dependent assets then you could delete them. Repeat this for other groups - how many groups will depend on your patience and available time. OR
    3. disable all the Obsolete assets and see if that causes problems - e.g. routes with missing assets. If there are no problems then delete all the obsoletes (except the "built-ins")

    My suggestions.
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    Deleting obsoletes is an integral part of maintaining your database.
    Run a quick DBR
    filter for out of date assets and download updates: Installed from DLS - download as usual. For all other status types (built in, Payware, modified) sort on status, highlight all in a status group and right click and then list asset versions. Download any new versions which are available for download.
    After downloading, run an obsoletes filter (I include AND NOT built in as they cannot be deleted) and delete all.
    Run a quick DBR and you're all set to go

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