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Thread: Train stuck at AJS invisible station 1T

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    Default Train stuck at AJS invisible station 1T

    Hi guys,

    I recently edited a Bombardier Bilevel for a few small things like cabview, bogies and ground plane shadows (via attachment mesh).
    However, it would then pull into an industry-enabled platform and stay stuck. The doors remain closed.

    Bug window shows the following error:
    Thread Exception: ER_NullReference, line 536, file stationlib.gse (1)

    Full error dialog is:

    Does anyone know what went wrong please? I've looked through the config and nothing related to doors was touched.

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    What is the kuid number of the station you are using? I have read that the stations with a suffix of :22 do not work as intended, for that reason I have stuck to an earlier version with a suffix of :20, they work for me as intended.

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    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I had another go at editing the asset and it turned out to be something about saving the edited attachment mesh back as itself instead of a separate attach IM and inserting it into the config.
    Don't know why the former method worked for the cab car but not trailer cars but that's what it is.

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