Hi all,

I've just been working the past few months on a route I've made extensive use of JR US track #1-132(narrow ballast), kuid2:506034:578257:9. I believe this part got superseded by the :10 revision with the Tidewater Point Railroad DLC that I got a preview pass of. Now that the Tidewater route and its dependencies appear to have gone back to payware, I'm stuck with no track showing up in my route! The :10 revision is showing as installed, Payware (not active), and while the :9 is still installed, the route automatically uses the latest revision. I can't even replace the missing asset in surveyor!

Is there any way out of this predicament aside from purchasing the route just to replace the track in my route with another asset? Tidewater is a great route and I may get it anyway but I'd like to know if there's another workaround to this problem.