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Thread: TNI Developer Forum now open to all interested developers

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    Default TNI Developer Forum now open to all interested developers

    We are currently exploring whether there is sufficient interest in the Trainz Native Interface system in order to devote the necessary time into expanding the functionality.

    Your participation and your feedback will be very helpful towards making that decision.

    We've created a TNI Discord chat channel to promote further discussion.

    Please read the information here for more details on TNI: http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/i...ativeInterface

    Tell us a little about your skillset, area of interest and the types of things you'd like to do with TNI.

    Also let us know if you'd like access to the current [unsupported and incomplete] TNI system by providing us with your MyTrainz Username.

    Once you are added to the authorised list, there are links on this forum to the latest TNI build and SDK. These are quite old, but will give you an indication of what can be done.
    Tony Hilliam

    NEED HELP? Check these links:

    Trainz Plus Features |
    Support Portal | Surveyor 2.0 Guide | TRS19 FAQs | Trainz Wiki

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    segnaled last post as spam
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