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Thread: More Multiplayer Surveyor Testers required

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    Default More Multiplayer Surveyor Testers required

    We're currently looking for more TRS19 owners to participate in the next phase of our external testing of "MPS".

    Our current tests are during Australia work hours - 9 a.m. AEST to midday on Fridays. We will be expanding the testing over the coming weeks and offering a time zone option for European "daytime" hours.

    To apply to join the testing, please complete this form:

    We will email people with invitations as we expand the testing numbers.

    If you've already applied previously, please ensure you check your spam folder for emails from us and add the email address qa@n3vgames.com to your contacts.

    To explain a little more about MPS and our plans:

    • Content is limited to a small set at the moment (simply to ensure that we're not dealing with lots of content issues)
    • During this phase of testing, all route edits are likely to be "thrown away" (this of course will change later on)
    • MPS includes "UDS" - Unified Driver Surveyor - so you can switch over to Driver at any time
    • There are some features not yet enabled

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here.
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