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    Trainz Forge recently released CP D10 models by trainboi1. I made small reskins to a clone of one of them to more accurately represent #972 during the excursion era. Like outlining the number board under the headlight white and pasting an image of 972’s numbers from a close up shot of the real number plate. And pasting an image of the number plate on the top of the smokebox. And putting 972 on the cab sides since I disabled the auto numbers. I’m going to reskin a tender into an aux tender for #972 and a version with Philadelphia & Reading on it. Coaches will be one of bendorsey’s steel open side rail fan coaches and pweiser’s RDG old coach green with silver roof an electric coach with its electrical components removed. I requested him to make different variations of Reading open window electric coaches and demotored versions over several years ago. And the two 72 ft railfan coaches by the late bendorsey I requested him to make. And an arch roof baggage by bendorsey will be in the train. I will run it on my super route which I combined Reading and Northern and NS Reading lines together with my own DEM and DLS DEM. I made some improvements to the Reading Line route like replace track, roads with better track and roads, replace crossing signals with better ones, made some other alterations. One excursion route will be Reading to Bethlehem (ex-CNJ depot) which was on October 8, 1983 during a 150th anniversary of the founding of the Philadelphia & Reading. The 972 was turned on a turntable in Allentown Yard for the return trip to Reading. If I get the track toward Philly in, also an excursion from Reading to West Falls, PA where there is a wye on bridges to turn the train. And fall excursions from Jim Thorpe to Haucks and return. I might have some meets with Conrail freight trains as well on the mainline excursions.
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