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Thread: Is there a limit to trackside items (TRS 2019)?

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    Default Is there a limit to trackside items (TRS 2019)?

    G'day All,

    As the title suggests, is there a limit to the number of trackside items allowed on a single route in TRS 2019?

    I've been working on the latest additions to my mega-merged route and I've come across a situation where I've tried to add some crossing check rails, but when I save the route and go back into it, either in driver or surveyor, the most recently added trackside items will not be saved.

    I've tried various items from the "trackside" menu, tried changing the track (which has worked just fine elsewhere), done a database repair (after a crash), merged all the layers of the various routes together into one, added the new items in their own, new layer, but nothing makes a difference. They just won't save. Other changes I make (like objects and splines etc) save ok, just not any added trackside items.

    It's a pretty big route by now, with all the routes I've merged together, and I'm using a basic TRS 2019 install (maybe SP1, but it doesn't say on the splash screen), build 105175

    The only thing I can think of at the moment is that maybe there's a maximum number of trackside items that you can have?

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Many thanks for any advice.


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    Hi Piere
    There shouldn't be a limit on how many trackside objects can be on a route (there may be a limit on how many can be between two signals, before the signals stop working properly, though).

    My first thought would be to try using 'delete missing assets' on the route, and then try editing it again and see if you still see this issue.

    Zec Murphy

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    G'day Zec,

    Thanks for the reply and info.

    I didn't get to try your suggestion as I ended up doing a work-around before I saw it.

    It seemed as though there was just something about the route that had been corrupted so I ended up going back to the previous version I had backed up (which worked fine) then deleted all the baseboards of the "broken" version (hundreds of them) except for the two latest ones I had been working on then merged those two into the backup, and all is fine again.

    Thanks again anyway.


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