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Thread: Content creation during a pandemic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pware View Post
    You are correct but those big buildings located in prime locations at expensive addresses (5th Avenue, New York: Collins St, Melbourne: Pitt St, Sydney - to give a few examples) give both prestige and a sense of wealth and success that is simply not found in a Facebook or Twitter account.

    You can never judge a company or organisation by its online presence or the number of "likes" its posts get. Just as the physical edifice at the swank city address tells you nothing about the honesty, integrity and competence of those who dwell inside (Lehman Bros, AIG, etc) but at least you have a chance of knowing who you are dealing with unlike those behind URLs and IPs.

    My thoughts.
    True and there's also the ego factor as well since these CEOs and company owners need to show off whose got a bigger glass tower.

    I've worked in a few towers and actually ended up with a massive respiratory infection that gave me walking pneumonia while working in a brand new building in the financial district in Boston. There were a few people in the office that had what appeared to be a cold. I worked in the computer room 2nd shift and never went near them, but got word that they were out with what appeared to be a chest cold when I was delivering their reports.

    A bit later I got it and so did my other coworkers in the computer room. A short time after that the rest of the company had it right up to the president who ended up quite sick. The fever was high, around 102, and I couldn't breath. I was put on gigantic, horse-sized, antibiotic pills that caused my stomach to end up messed up. The only solution for the stomach issues was to eat tons of yogurt. When I called in and told my manager I was quarantined to my house due to walking pneumonia, he was p-offed and demanded I come in even though most of the workers were out as well. I left the company shortly after that due to this and other reasons.
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