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Thread: A Pleasant Surprise

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    Default A Pleasant Surprise

    I would like to share this little story...

    I'm building The NMRX - Rail Runner Passenger/Freight line in New Mexico. It's not quite to scale, 60 miles vs 97 and some places are not oriented correctly, but I'm having fun!

    I've been on this train... once, but used to see them while I was driving Pilot Escort, delivering houses.

    I've searched as much as I could online for relevant information and I use Google Earth for headings and distances, while using Google Maps for Names and industry searches. The route coming along quite nicely.

    But one thing is missing... what are the speeds on the route? I sent an email to Rail Runner asking. And by God's grace, I got a 17 page book from Nicole. It not only lists speeds along the route, but it names some of the junctions, Choke Points and Quiet Zones.

    I was so happy that Nicole took the time to dig up what I was looking for!

    Thanks for reading,

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    Sometimes all you have to do is ask. People can be nice!

    F units are gone and the cabs aren't done yet.

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