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Thread: Missing Auran assets for Auran Asset

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    Default Missing Auran assets for Auran Asset

    Just downloaded <kuid2:523:19723700:3> Industry Warehouse Small 2 which is version 4.5 by Auran, in T:ANE SP4, but is missing the following unknown assets:


    Both by Auran. They are unknown, so not incompatible, so I assume they are not 4.6, although I have downloaded a few assets of 4.5 or below that are turning out to have 4.6 assets as dependencies, so I am wondering if there is any way for this to be checked and avoided during uploads? Seems like the parent Asset should be as high as its highest dependency?

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    These 2 are built-into TRS19, and they are:
    <kuid:-25:1187> General Goods
    <kuid2:523:1459:7> Palletised Goods

    TANE SP4 has the following:
    <kuid2:523:1459:1> Palletised Goods
    <kuid:-25:1149> General Goods

    Hope this helps

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    <kuid:-25:1187> General Goods is TB4.6 but it obsoletes <kuid:-25:1181> General Goods so you could use that version instead.
    <kuid2:523:1459:7> Palletised Goods is TB3.5 but is built-in for TRS19 but not, apparently, for TANE. It obsoletes <kuid2:523:1459:6>. There are also versions 2, 3 and 4. I have a notion that there was a problem with this particular asset but I cannot recall what it was.

    You could raise a help desk ticket since it appears to be an N3V mistake but I suspect they will bump it to TRS19 and you would be no better off unless you bought TRS19.


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    Have a look at my post #973 https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...em-here/page65

    Cheers, Mac...

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    Thanks everyone. I see your post there Meatloaf747. Indeed, it is going to be tricky if they don't have some way of making sure an asset of version 4.5 or lower doesn't have dependencies of 4.6. I would think they would show up as incompatible rather than unknown though. I appreciate all the responses. Thanks again!

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