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Thread: When will TRS19 with SP1 be available on DVD

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    I would be suprised if there was going to be a DRM free version of TRS19 this was thrashed out in an earlier thread.

    I am more concerned that I will even be able to get TRS19 on DVD as it is impractical to download for 47. Hours. The fastest telephone Broadband in my area is 2.7 Mbps I just don't believe that all trainzers pay an arm and a leg for Superfast Broadband.


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    We are very fortunate here in New Zealand in that the government declared fast broadband to be an important economic resource and made the broadband providers smarten their ideas up and stop trying to milk fast broadband services for all they could get. So as a result my unlimited broadband plan is very affordable even though I'm on the pension. I am aware though that it's not like that for everyone which seems to make a strong arguement for TS2019 being available on DVDs.
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