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Thread: Asset replacement on route

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    Default Asset replacement on route

    Please tell me why when replacing the texture of the earth, the replaced assets remain in the dependencies?
    How to remove them from dependencies, because they are already replaced? Cleaning in the config file kuid table does not help.

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    From what I remember, the assets get pulled from the map data itself, and not from the kuid-table. Did you replace the assets on the entire route or just in a particular area?

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    The current workaround is to disable the texture(s) that is no longer required, then "delete missing assets" and resave. This will remove the texture dependency.
    Tony Hilliam

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    Thank you, I did this before, but now these are textures that appear as paid and I can’t physically delete them.

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    I solved the problem.
    Only there is one clarification, you do not need to re-save - this will not work. You need to Save as ...
    After that, a new route kuid will be created, and there will be no replaced textures in the dependencies.
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    It's a pity, but after some time the replaced assets appear in the dependencies again - these are the textures of the earth.
    How can this problem be defeated?
    Which file from the route folder needs to be provided in order to clean it once and for all?

    <kuid:565830:100187> (TS12) GrassRock Ground
    <kuid:565830:100163> (TS12) GrassMid Ground
    <kuid2:9999:921464:1> wood 14

    P.S. And I was also very surprised that these old textures are in the “Payware” status and cannot be removed from the game.

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