Actually put em on some cars and run em around a little test track I have to get sunlight from different sides and took some screenshots. I think this method will be the way I proceed with the rest.

Now I think that will work LOL Only potential issues I see might be size. I want to do like 5 of each brand, those are 1.3mb 2k albedo's and 3.3mb parameter files, now I can cheat on the bump and use the same one for all but the param and albedo have to be pared since that is where the edge wear and stuff really is.

Now me, I don't care that a set of 60 containers is showing a gigabyte of space on disk (I am aware that number is more than double what the actual asset really is) but sheesh even half would be huge so I may wind up doing like 30 of each size in sets. Either way I think I have made up my mind and have the right setup of materials in Substance Painter to get the job done, this was supposed to be a way for me to relearn what it took to script and export into trainz again (been gone since 2012) but it has developed into a major project LOL

It isn't that the container is poly heavy it really isn't the container itself less than 2k polys and the door hardware is where the weight is and it is like 20k polys which compared to a loco or the train car they are in is miniscule and they use proper LOD so that is gonna make the game like em. I am gonna get the 20 footers done and probably ask for beta testers to take the cdp and test them while I am knocking out the rest.

I think I got the process down and when you are doing 60 of each size it is a PROCESS LOL