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Thread: Problems when editing Hafenstadt Rohmrath route.

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    Default Problems when editing Hafenstadt Rohmrath route.

    G'day All,

    I'm having some strange issues when working on the Hafenstadt Rohmrath route by Callavsg.

    I'd really like to merge this wonderfully detailed little route with some others but whenever I try to (or even if I simply make a change to the route and then "undo" it) major sections of the track and some splines, get corrupted and I have no idea why.

    This is the area of the original route;

    and this is what happens if I try to merge or edit the route;

    Major sections of the track on the layout actually reports as a fixed track object called <kuid2:193038:39014:1> SG Kaiblock ZT 16, but I can't find any way to "access" the track; i.e. I can't move or modify it (either as "track" or an "object"), only delete it, which also deletes the platform splines and track objects with it. And once is "broken" it can never be fixed, no matter how many "undo" steps I make. I just have to exit without saving and go back in again.

    I can't simply delete it and replace it with the original track as it affects several areas and the trackwork is quite complicated, plus the other details I lose as well.

    This all happens in both TANE and TRS2019.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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