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Thread: 3ft narrow gauge

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    Default 3ft narrow gauge

    Is there a secret stash of good quality 3ft narrow gauge (or ng36) track around somewhere? How about track for a logging railroad that builds its track as cheap as possible because once the trees are cut they'll be tearing it up and moving it.

    How about timber trestles?

    How about 3ft gauge skeleton log cars?

    Enquiring minds want to know...


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    Timber trestles are easy, just search "bendorsey" on the DLS under author

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    That is the problem I have run into for TRS19, lack of quality assets. All the things requested for your project are available and most on the DLS, just takes some digging to find them and then some tweaking to make some of them work.

    For my Durango to Silverton route I needed some period correct steam locos. The community helped me out very quickly with links and locations. The locos didn't work though so a member quickly posted up a fix for them. All good, so I thought. The locos work okay but then I decided to drive in cab mode. That doesn't work so well as they don't respond to controls very well and they don't consume coal and water. The cab interiors look like Traniz 2010 quality and the sound is terrible.

    Some issues with rolling stock is finding the period correct cars only to discover they don't accept commodities of any kind. So they have to be edited. Well, that is all good and well until I discovered the session I have created cannot be shared because the cars won't work for the end user. I can't upload the correct models to the DLS without jumping through too many hoops.

    So, IMHO, TRS19 is good for creating modern routes and maybe some 1950's era stuff. Anything older and it is too difficult to find enough assets.


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    I found that any 1000mm track, Via estrecha tm 1000 mm 2 mts - Joxemai <KUID:148561:38004> looks good with any 3 foot gauge equipment, and is roughly the equivalent of 36" track, and all tracks are reskinable (to make dilapidated looking rotted ties) for personal use.

    I can't remember what 3rd party site had backwoods track that was indigenous rough cut raw logs for ties, easily torn up. and relocatable, once an environmental raw resource was depleted.
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    Slugsmasher has some good stuff. Much of it has been updated and is on the DLS. http://www.steammachine.com/slugsmasher/

    http://steammachine.com/bdaneal/ngdl.htm Philskene fixed most of the locos and made them available in a thread about one of his routes. PM him.

    Todd's rolling stock work pretty much as is. The Locos have issues but can be fixed.

    togog has a ton of high quality locos on the DLS.

    Lots of scenery and rolling stock here. http://www.trainzone.co.nz/

    https://www.carsoncarshops.com/index.htm is a good source for track that is up to date. Most of it is on the DLS too.


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    Look for the Trainzone web site, there is a of bunch of old style logging gear there, it was made when Trainz was young so no guarantees that they will work without corrections. Mike Sutton has a lot of interesting content there.

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    I like using pencil42's <kuid:124060:38103> NG36 Track 35lb no ballast, slightly used and sinking it into the ground a bit for logging tracks. I occasionally will alternate it with other NG36 35lb track with ballast for areas that need fill.

    azervich has <kuid:404079:162> VR 3ft Tramway Half-Log Sleepers which look great in the temporary logging track application too.

    pencil42 has done some TRS19 SG track with hewn ties which ought to look great in this application if you can find some SG logging equipment, I haven't tried it yet.

    colorado71 has some lovely NG36 trestles too.

    Edit: almost forgot <kuid:156765:1628> 36in swamp track by simulatortrain (he has 24 and 30 inch versions too)
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    I use pencils 3ft 56lb track and sink it into a fill spline, but it’s a pain in the butt to adjust , it does allow one to create more variation in the ballast and kills moire a bit too, it’s nearly always the most inefficient kuid in a scene tho although it never slows things down enough to cause stuttering , have no idea what it looks like in 2019 and its not procedural.
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    There is the built-in 36 in pro-track.

    <kuid2:523:1172:3> Auran Track TS2009 36in - Procedural
    <kuid2:661281:44038:3> Auran Track TS2009 36in - Procedural - Lite Snow
    <kuid2:661281:44031:2> Auran Track TS2009 36in - Procedural - Snow
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