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Thread: I'm Planning A Birthday Party!

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    I'm planning a birthday part for N&W 611's 70th birthday in May. This year I'm planning to do something special for her. I'm planning to invite users into iPortaling 611 across the internet. For example, I run 611 on one route, then I send it to another friend or user, and they run 611 and send her to another. To keep adding miles on her odometer. Maybe at the end, I have 611 send back to me on The Iron Mile. What's the purpose? I'm planning to livestream this event and to encourage viewers to donate money to fireup611.org to help keep 611 under steam. If you are interested in celebrating 611's 70th birthday and want to join, please let me know by the last week of April. Here's what will be needed for right now.

    *Locomotive :

    K&L Trainz N&W Class J (obsessively)

    *Rolling Stock Passenger Cars :

    * To Be Announced when it gets closer

    The livestream I'm planning to happen the first Saturday in May. May 2nd.

    *1/18/20 One thing I forgot to mention is that you'll need the iPortal_Test from Download Station.
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    So situation update, I have two RSVP so far. If you still want to join the party, please RSVP by April 25th. I'm still planning on what kind of passenger cars she'll pull, depending on what everyone has in common.

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    Just for your info, I can find nothing called iPortal_Test on the DLS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alikiwi View Post
    Just for your info, I can find nothing called iPortal_Test on the DLS.

    True. I forgot they weren't on the DLS, but on a Discord sever called Trainz iPortaler's. The iPortal_Test would be used for sending 611 from different versions of Trainz. But if everyone attending the party is using T:ANE, then we'll use the iPortal from DLS. Couple more weeks til the party happens.

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    N&W 611's 70th birthday iPortal party is happening this Saturday May 2nd. Hopefully it'll start between 2 P.M. - 4 P.M. EST.

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    that iPortal party is 3 days after my birthday
    - Micah

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    Birthday Party happening now!

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