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Thread: Number of Consists vs Performance

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    Default Number of Consists vs Performance

    I replaced my 4+ year old PC tower with had modest CPU & GPU power. My new machine is pretty much-state-of-the-art. What I noticed on the old machine was that the number of consists impacted performance (FPS). OK, that seemed reasonable for the old machine. Now it is still a problem. Several hundred consist pulls the FPS down. But here is the madding part. The GPU & CPU are running at low rates. Start deleting consists, GPU & CPU utilization becomes higher, FPS increases nicely. Anyone have insight why high number of consists cause low GPU and CPU utilization which causes poor FPS? I am currently running TRS19 at 105096.

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    I have noticed this too. It has to do with the additional processing needed to track these extra consists. Consists are more than just the trains themselves. There are scripts and threads running in the background tracking the whereabouts, engine specs, commodities, and other aspects of these whether they are static or operating. This extra drag on the system will slow down your simulator, causing things to run slower.
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