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Thread: 8 core Any Value Over 4 in TS19?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColPrice2002 View Post

    It's well worth cleaning out the flurb from the fans, filters and case. The stock CPU coolers are rarely able to cope with prolonged heavy use.

    It is said that the computer of a true electrical engineer always has the covers off.
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    I am with boleyd on this. I am running an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 with an nVidia RTX 2070. I have 16G of dual channel memory. All Trainz settings are maxed out except post-processing. On an extensive tree laden layout, I get 30 -110 FPS. I see all 16 cores maxed out quite often at 100%. I have not seen all of the GPU memory used and system RAM used is generally around 7G.
    Likewise here, running a Ryzen 3800X with a GeForce 2080 Ti and both were purchased with TRS2019 in mind especially after I saw the advanced post-processing that would be getting added to the game last year. Memory usage on the heaviest routes (really that has to be Central Europe at the moment though C&O can get close) does come close to 7G and when the load is heavy the GPU can show close to 100% utilization with the CPU not so much although the game is fully using 4 physical cores and a bit of the hyperthread pseudocores although the rest are also going to the OS doing file loading and video drivers. So as one poster here said, lots of objects with no proper lods seems to kill performance as that will get even this combo down to ~30 fps though as long as it maintains 30 I'll still be happy with that.

    I currently have a very old 2500K 4 core over clocked to 4ghz and only 8gb of 799mhz of DDR3 memory. It does amazingly well with TRS19. All settings max ain't so good but slight reductions gives me good performance. So, the question is, setting aside clock speed, does TRS19 take advantage of the 8 threads (Hyper-Threading) in a late i7 CPU? Or, should I stick with a fast ,and cheaper i5?

    I could probably continue this way, but I also sometimes have an additional window up to watch the news while a train is executing a 1 hour run to check trackage and signals on a modified route. The TV window runs well and I do not care about how well the TS19 window looks. BUT, the temperatures hit the CPU's thermal limit if I am not careful. Have to shrink windows.
    Would you consider picking up a Ryzen 5 3600 (that is a 6 core 12 thread part for $200) and a suitable motherboard? It is not a major investment and the performance uplift would be noticeable for object-heavy routes, especially going with dual-channel DDR4 to bring the memory up to 16 GB - I think this combo would comfortably run TRS2019 (nearly) maxed for a good long time. Also as Malc said, current i5s are also 6 core parts so again, rather decent bump there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pitkin View Post
    It is said that the computer of a true electrical engineer always has the covers off.
    And they have a portable 12" desk fan blowing fresh air in on the innards
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