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Thread: Unified Driver and Surveyor

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    Default Unified Driver and Surveyor

    With the Unified Driver and Surveyor in Platinum, quickly jumping back to Surveyor when I see an error in Driver makes on-the-fly fixing a breeze. In the past, I would have to remember where I was and then get back there to do the fix. Now, I'm there, do the fix and continue driving.

    One thing I do miss was having the session reset if I want to run it again from the beginning. Now when I go back to Driver, in continues from where I left off. Without exiting Surveyor from the menu and restarting the Session completely, is there a shortcut to do a reset from within Surveyor?

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    A workaround is to set up your session, save, then export to cdp. Another way that may work is to set up your session, save and run session fixing the route on the fly then save the session as a different name.Your original session may complain about changes, but ignore that and load it anyway.
    It's an awesome feature that will just require a bit of thought about the way we work.

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