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Thread: How Fast is Trainz’ System demand Moving vs. GPU Prices?

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    Default How Fast is Trainz’ System demand Moving vs. GPU Prices?

    Hi all,

    it’s been a while since I built my PC in 2014/5 and if I were to return to Trainz for purposes other than testing content, what would the current budget be for a workable PC? Currently my build (old FX-6300 and MSI R9 280) can run TANE decently and TRS19 fine with a bit of lag on larger routes, likely down to limited RAM of 8GB.

    Just looking at benchmarks of similarly-priced cards compared to mine it seems the performance is significantly better than my old build, understandably. But is Trainz getting more demanding on the PC with each update? Or is it the case that with a similarly priced build every year you can get better and better frames due to hardware advances?

    I suppose the question goes for nearly any game.
    Regards Ron

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    I think the only thing that matters is the GPU these days.


    Yours comes in at 5382 I would normally say 10,000 is reasonable. My CPU is probably five years old, the GPU is an RTX 2070 so 14000 or so. The sweet spot on performance per dollar at the moment is the GTX 1660.

    As you note it depends far more on the content you're running than anything else and the content creators with Titans will assume everyone else has one as well.

    Cheerio John

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    John is right. The card is what is important. My PC is a first gen i7 950 with 12 GB of ram but I have a newer GTX 1050 Ti card with 4 GB of GDDR5 ram and TRS19 and TANE run great.


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