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Thread: Pikkarail's BR 3F jinty.

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    Default Pikkarail's BR 3F jinty.

    anyone have pikkarail's jinty that i could download? the link doesn't work anymore

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    You need to register your version of the simulator before anyone will help you.

    If pikkarail has withdrawn his model that's that and if it's gone it's gone.
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    Isn't the Jinty included with the Settle & Carlisle add on, pretty certain it's in my TRS2019 collection.

    But as KotangaGirl states, not only should you register your copy it is also pretty much against forum etiquette to ask for people to send you files that may be against the wishes of the original author.
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    It is included in the SnC pack in an updated version, although the original model dates from 2003 and the update is also around 10 years old. For 2003 it was pretty stunning but it really doesn't cut it these days. LMS_Man has a Payware Jinty which is better but is high poly and probably without LOD.


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    It has worn quite well, Paul. I used it for one of the trains on my last uploaded model railway route and brought back happy memories of setting the Hornby Jinty (complete with smoke unit!) running on my original train set, back in the mid 70's!
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