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Thread: NP Class W for Trainz?

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    Default NP Class W for Trainz?

    Was there ever a release of a Northern Pacific class W for Trainz? I look it up and i see a lot about a Train Sim/Openrails version, but never for Trainz, and I've seen that the process of converting between those two games is very lengthy. Of course I'm talking about the original W's, 1500-1659. Was there ever a release here or is there one in the works?

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    Hi Mosaic5519. Someone may have a better answer, but I keep my eye out for NP when I can. I have a few that appear to be "Z"? and some 2-8-8-2s, but I don't see anything listed for W class or by those numbers. Does not mean they are not out there, so maybe someone else on here knows...
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    There is a reskin of a USRA Light Mikado masquerading as one, is that close enough for you?
    You can find it at the bottom of this page: https://northwesttrainz.weebly.com/steam-power.html

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