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    Can someone tell me how to fix this problem, I modified the Montana Rail Link route. However, now I'm starting to notice pieces of track that weren't there before and I didn't lay them. They seem to embed themselves in certain areas and I can't delete them, how do I fix this problem before I get even more angry??

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    Start by registering your copy of Trainz so we know you are a bona fide customer!
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    Please post in the (version) related forum. This will require you to have a version of the game registered to your account. Rarely a topic belongs in the General forum.

    For older games, go to this link to register your serial:
    For newer versions, use the same username and password for the forum as those you have entered as your credentials in game.

    If that does not work, contact the Helpdesk via the link at the top of this page.

    Once you have a registered version, more sections of the forum will be unlocked. Make a new topic in the related area. Please be sure to supply as much information as possible in that new topic, like build number of the Trainz version you are using and related asset names and KUIDs. Help us help you by being clear.


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