I am operating TANE SP3 94916 on a custom Route and Session.

In a Session Driving the Video Performance is very good throughout the route and lighting is using the suggested settings I got from the forum. Great perfromance

However yesterday, it appears that when a train enter one particular route grid (Square), the performance crashes with the video being really jerky and the AI processing bogs down
( happens to different engines that were driving perfectly fine until crossing a grid line)

I use AI for all engines so I am not in Driver mode when this occurs. However equally as bad or worse in easy drive mode
The video jerkiness depends upon which way the camera is facing ie towards 1 town it dies, towards the opposite town it is fine.

I haven't touched anything in this grid for awhile, so no new assets added. There are interactive industries operating in this grid and a station and water tank.

Any ideas on what may be causing the performance issues?
Any idea how to fix?



Columbia and Western RR