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That's correct. The list isn't "this is what we will do right now", it is "just some of the stuff we;d like to do".

Kickstarter raised $191k, development on TANE was well in excess of 10x that amount.

Kirlbe, it's a shame that you spilt your coffee, and a shame that pretty much every post you make bashes us over the head (or claims we're shot ourselves in the foot ).

Have you considered why these items aren't completed yet? Do you think we're happy with progress? Do you think we think users are happy with progress? We're not, and we're doing all we can to make things better than they are.

We work long hours week after week. We do all we can to make the game as good as we can. We never sit down and have a meeting and say "now, how can we annoy everyone today?".

If things are so bad, there's no need to hang around here, but since you are, I guess things aren't really quite as bad as you make out.

So, rant over, back to the post, the whole point is to get a fresh look at the things we wanted to do years ago and find out what priorities people have today. If we're to be admonished for asking our fans what they'd like to see us work on next, then I really do give up.
I remember that very well. T:ANE and TRS19 have come a long way from where we were even a few years ago.

You say this a lot more eloquently that I could. If I could say what I was really thinking, you would have grounds to snap me with the ban hammer.