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    It appears some of my content needs a change in the material name used in one of meshes in order to display correctly in the latest version of TANE. I'm in the process of uploading 61 assets that need the change. Roughly a further 60 will display errors but that needs to be addressed by someone who I worked with to create the content. It requires an updated dependency.

    I understand we will have yet another version of TANE coming out shortly. Hopefully it won't break too much.

    This content appeared to display and work correctly in the version of Trainz it was made in but it doesn't in the latest version note this is not the beta.

    Hopefully there aren't too many reskins and whoever reskinned them can sort out the problems.

    There was something about TRS2004 that didn't need quite so much work keeping things updated.

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    Just wondering what version of Trainz do you have registered so our team member experts can help you ?

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