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Thread: Diamond shaped 1800's crossbuck

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    Default Diamond shaped 1800's crossbuck

    Does anyone have a kuid for an 1800s crossbuck, (one in the shape of a diamond, it says 'railroad crossing look out for the cars') or a download for one? Must be compatible with trainz 12.

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    None of these is specifically what you asked for but...

    <kuid:156765:100103> Cast Iron Crossbuck by simulatortrain
    <kuid:404894:100292> MTR Oval Xing Sign by dericm
    <kuid:404894:100866> MTR Crossbuck 1 by dericm (mounted on rail)

    Davesnow has 30 or so "Old Crossbuck"s

    by gfisher
    <kuid:106916:10217> PRR Road Crossing Sign 1t
    <kuid:106916:10218> PRR Road Crossing Sign 2t
    <kuid:106916:10222> PRR Road Crossing Sign NJ
    <kuid:106916:10223> PRR Road Crossing Sign PA

    by pencil42
    <kuid2:124060:37017:1> Old East Railroad Crossing sign
    <kuid:124060:37040> V&T RR Crossing Sign, old
    <kuid2:124060:37016:1> Old West Railroad Crossing sign

    Not what you asked about but I just found this and had to share
    <kuid2:61556:100029:1> 1912-1913 crossing target or tilting target signal by seniorchief
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