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Thread: Good field and crop splines for Trainz 19

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    Default Good field and crop splines for Trainz 19

    What are some good sites to look up for field and crop splines? I know JVC has a bunch of really nice splines for trainz but when updated to Trainz 19 they all seem very transparent and can't be seen for more than 30 or 40 meters away. I'm searching for mid west style crops like corn and grain/wheat and would like to be pointed to some splines I may have missed. Cheers folks!
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    To be honest, you aren't going to find any. You are better off looking for PBR crop textures. Wide area splines are all going to be circa 2004 and look like garbage in TRS19.

    Search the DLS for PBR Crop Field under the username msgsapper.

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    Its not all doom and gloom. There is a wheat crop spline by jankvis that I used in TANE that still looks good in TRS19. Available in a variety of sizes (widths) and styles.

    <kuid:328583:3026> JVC#(Ag1) Wheat spline autumn 17m.
    <kuid:328583:3004> JVC#(Ag1) Wheat spline summer 26m.
    <kuid:328583:3028> JVC#(Ag1) Wheat spline summer 17m.
    <kuid:328583:2884> JVC#(Ag1) Wheat spline autumn 26m.
    <kuid:328583:3027> JVC#(Ag1) Wheat spline autumn 52m.
    <kuid:328583:3029> JVC#(Ag1) Wheat spline summer 52m.
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