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Thread: Signaling Issue-train reads wrong signal

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    Question Signaling Issue-train reads wrong signal

    Train approaches a signal that is PRECEDED by a switch. Despite that signal NOT being in its path (switch diverges) it reads the Red as an upcoming signal and slows to yellow speed. That speed continues until the next legitimate signal is reached and its state now governs the speed of the train. Reporting....

    NOTE: I am using the TIMECHECK rule to manage the events, i.e. create a timetable. This allows me to specify the initiation of any driver command at any specific time. As an example I can start a consist at a specified time to go to a mine and load coal cars. Then, should I desire, I can hold that train until a specified time. At that time drive it to a siding. Hold it until a specified time (main clear, as example) and release it to its first stop. Each, and every, drive command can be initiated at a specific time with no reliance on delays. Thus when you look at a string of Time-checked commands you see a semblance of a timetable.

    Note: TIMECHECK may be at fault in many of the odd train behaviors.
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    Check out pguys timetable rule and use EIT to set you path. Should then run like clockwork.
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