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Thread: Bellows Falls Tunnel

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    Talking Bellows Falls Tunnel

    So I was recently looking around bellows falls in google maps (as you do) and stumbled on the tunnel. At first I thought it was just abandoned trackage but found the linked street view image. I think its my favorite thing I've found in a long time. that fact that a building was basically built on top of the portal and the tight clearance's all round, it just screams "mountain branch line" and I love it.



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    That is a cool tunnel. I've seen the line in real life quite sometime ago. Bellows Falls is located about 3 hours north of where I live. I modeled something similar on one of my routes. It was a pain to get things to come out right, but using some nice retaining wall splines, buildings, and textures it can be done.
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    What an interesting floor mining project that must have been (to enable double stacks), replacing 3 to 4 tiers of huge stone blocks, one at a time so as to prevent a total collapse of the old original tunnel above.
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