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    Default Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    Here's a bit of spooky music for you with a spooky story behind it.


    La Savanne by Louis. M. Gottschalk 1829-1869.

    La Savanne composed in 1846 by the then young 17 year-old, Louis, is a theme and variation like much of his music. This particular work is said to be something he heard as a child from his Creole mother and grandmother. The theme is hauntingly familiar and is known as Skip to my Lou, but is actually based on portions of the Creole folksong Lolotte, or Pov’piti Lolotte. According to a Wikipedia article, the music is inspired by the local story of skeletons from runaway slaves that had perished in the swamps around New Orleans and had turned into oak trees. This accounts for the melancholy nature of the music, which unsurprisingly is marked andante with melancholia and written in the deep dark key of E-flat minor.

    This is a performance I did for a project I'm working on with my piano teacher. It's a lot more difficult than it sounds! What was supposed to be a few weeks turned into a 4 month project due to the technical aspects of the piece.
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