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Thread: Unfortunately, Goodbye to everyone and Tainz

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    Default Unfortunately, Goodbye to everyone and Tainz

    Hi everyone, and goodbye. I am migrating to Lynux for too many reasons to explain.

    Unfortunately i will loose Tainz but in war there are always casualties. It would be too long to list all the other fine games that i will no longer be able to play but so be it.

    If Tainz is ever ported to Lynux then i will be able to play again.

    Live Long and Prosper as some famous actor said more then once, lol,

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    What are Lynux advantages ?
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    I want all my performance sliders set to "Full"

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    Gentilly, maybe you could try Wine or one of the other Windows simulators on Linux. You never know....
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    Trainz will NOT run under WINE in LINUX. I've been using Ubuntu and the XFCE desktop for years and love it. I'm on LINUX right now as a matter of fact. Why completely toss your Windows system? Is it possible you could dual-boot it into either OS? This is what I do in order to use my author software. LINUX can do most anything a Windows machine can do, except for some highly-specialized tasks/software. You could also easily install a Virtual Machine running VMWare in LINUX and install Windows there. Lots of alternative to just giving it all up.

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    I read this as the OP probably has issues with Win10, whatever nothing wrong with dual booting or depending on what your Windows software needs in terms of hardware access, using a VM I did both for many years, although prefer running Linux on a separate PC, currently here a laptop running Mint.

    As for Games, apart from Trainz, many will run in Wine or Crossover or any of the other Wine derivatives, some may even have Linux binaries, not always obvious without having a good search.

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