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Thread: Picklist-Default List Not Movable?

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    Question Picklist-Default List Not Movable?

    I have a totally separate install of 103369. Moving picklist of 100240 there. While the process is convoluted - it works - except there seems to be no way to select the DEFAULT picklist to move it. It should be shown under Edit Picklist (Content Mgr./Content) along with the other picklist titles. I do not know of an alternative process to get the Default Picklist stuff to the new Beta. Unfortunately, for years I have used Default for my most used assets - fast and convenient, but manually copying all that stuff seems quite unpleasant.
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    You are correct - there is no way to select and move/copy the Default picklist. You can add items to it and delete it entirely but not copy or move it.

    The only solution I can see is, unfortunately, not to use the Default picklist to store assets that you will want to use in later Trainz surveyor work sessions. I only ever use it for temporary storage of assets that I need for the current work session. If an item is important or useful enough to be needed again I always add it to an existing saved picklist or create a new one. Not a solution that would be pleasant for your problem.
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