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    Quote Originally Posted by Vern View Post
    Really not loving the PBR textures, at all. Playing around yesterday and unswirled you can't help but notice either the chequerboard effect or how they repeat, particularly once you get 300 - 400 metres or more from the viewing location. They might be great on a virtual model railway but not for painting extensive hillsides or rolling farm country. At the same time, I'm finding some of the tried and trusted textures (Ultra etc.) all seem to be applying with a very uniform dull grey look, not green and vibrant like they did in earlier versions. I've played around with the time of year in case it's a seasonal thing, but no difference. That leaves the older "gras" type textures to play with but these date back to 2006 (or earlier) and are not really optimised for the current version.
    Take a look at Malc's textures CL grass x (x = some number), and also those by Jointed Rail - I think some are built-in actually.

    They look much better than the dated Ultra textures that look like they were printed on card stock with a matte finish.
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    Vern --

    You should persevere with PBR. If you get it right it can be impressive. Now I don't claim in any way to be an expert, but overall I find this much more satisfying than non-PBR textures:

    In the past I've found it worthwhile to download routes and layouts by other authors. It's always given me inspiration and instructive. Maybe consider downloading one or two of mine and see how I've "coped" with PBR and which textures I've used?


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    In the event, I've gone with swirling (I am a bit of a rebel) at least on the fields and background scenery away from the track.
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    Can't see any logical reason to use PBR Ground textures on distant hills or scenery. I view it as a close to the tracks option much as TurfFx and Clutter. Clutters excessively vicious lod counts it out for me, however the individual assets used in Clutter are available as single items and don't disappear so quickly.

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