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Thread: Odd # lane highways and roads.

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    Default Odd # lane highways and roads.

    Has anyone else had to make a 3 lane road or Highway before?

    I have a requirement where the highway on a route I am building goes from a US route 2 lane Road(1 lane each way) which turns into a 3 lane Road (1 lane downgrade, 2 upgrade[normal and truck lane]) then turns into a 4 lane road, then it works it way back down to a 2 lane road. Speed is 55mph in areas.

    Also, has anyone made fixed road pieces that can gradually allow traffic to slow from one speed to another? Driver of the carz in Trainz are getting whiplash with the sudden deceleration.

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    There are some YARN-ish roads like that I think including some turn-lanes, etc. I'm going from memory since I'm not at my Trainzing computer right now to take a look.
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