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Thread: New to sim, how do you create timetables?

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    Default New to sim, how do you create timetables?

    I'm a long time user of the Train Simulator 20xx series. So this is completely alien to me.

    So I'm trying to make a new session. To give context, I have Zachman's Sodor route and thought, let's do relalistic sessions and stopping patterns of passenger and freight services.

    So I've put my train down at knapford, want to take it to Ffarquhar. I have gone to the session rules then tried adding in a schuduling rule, I have to assign a driver, I have no idea if the driver is assigned to my train, even though it's the only one on the route, I then try creating a schedule using the rules then click load as I want to load passengers at Knapford which is my origin station. I click the load order to be told there's no runtime editing for it so i need to delete it and reset parameters etc. So basically I have no idea how I'm supposed to tell the train that it will be user controlled, it will stop at predefined stsations and set to a predefined route.

    how on earth do you do this? it's the most convoluted thing I've come across! I'm used to a timetable editor type thing where I select the consist i've placed down then add all the stops in using a map.

    any help before I completely give up and start a massive rant at N3V would be massively appreciated.

    EDIT: also it won't let me save just the session, it wants me to save the route and session together and I don't want to overwrite the route.

    many thanks for your perseverance!

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    Just spotted this thread - unusual that no-one had replied previously.

    The current best solution is probably the pguy system:

    <kuid2:61392:8300:63> Stops and TimeTables manager (SP2 and later)

    He has links to explain how everything works.

    Tony Hilliam

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    Sadly, Trainz still lacks the activity/scenario editing capability that MSTS or DTG TS give and certainly nothing like the all day timetable mode that Train Sim World (or World of Subways) offers - albeit the latter two have no user editing capability (yet).

    *Edit - NB before Tony or anyone else accuses me of whinging, just stating the fact!
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