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Thread: Drivers switching trains and mission code assignments?

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    Default Drivers switching trains and mission code assignments?

    scenario in examples...
    1.driver is sean assigned a passenger train with specific mission code routing., basically point A to B then REPEAT command...
    2.driver is david assigned a freight train with specific mission code routing....Now the freight train runs the same main line as the passenger does except it junctions off at the stations...
    3.EIT TOWERS consist of 4 total...
    Using the Mission Control Manager allows me to assign MCs 1 time for simplicity...
    4.Once the MCs are assigned the passenger train uses DRIVE TO commands and load/unload A to B repeat...
    The freight train is assigned a simple A to B routing with Drive to Trackmark.
    5.driver is AMY ASSIGNED A SWITCHING LOCAL from the yard in which this train has completely different MCs also and does not run the main except crosses it at 2 points...(ALL PATHS ARE ACCURATE)
    6.As I attempt to assign another train I see the passenger and switcher running different routes and theyre MC s assigned to different drivers as with different non assigned drivers now running these trains????
    7.In the drivers menu view I noticed a lot of jumping around prior to this happening each time?
    8.I do have the MCs range reduced to 4000 from 10000 due to trains locking towers way to early., and also set changed STATIC PATHS to DYNAMIC share(?) to keep 1 train locking up all the towers as it ran its route...
    9.Then comes the Trains randomly STUCK at towers for no reason at all?
    10.Recapping the set up in surveyor I noticed MCs assigned to wrong paths for different towers when I went back to see what I may have done wrong., Fix and retry operations same results...
    11.Now in TANE I never have seen any of these issues arise and 1 route that I have been successful with has 30 towers and 347 paths compared to this route with 4 towers and 26 paths?
    So I can only assume that some commands do not yet work correctly in TS19? Or should I report this as a new issue?
    Thanx Dave =)

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    Current version of EIT - MCM - STT available on DLS has been tested and should be fully compatible with TRS19 standard edition build 100240. if you are using this TRS19 version and you have encountered some new problems, you need to report this as a new issue and package your route and session (and any asset not available on DLS) and send me the cdp to find the problem and prepare a fix.

    For Trainz Plus last build with unified surveyor/driver mode, the current EIT - MCM - STT available on DLS is currently not compatible with switching back from driver mode to surveyor mode. A new version supporting Trainz plus unified surveyor/driver mode is currently under beta testing and should be available soon on DLS when the last problems reported during beta testing will have been fixed. Sorry for the delay, but supporting the new unified surveyor/driver mode is not so easy for existing scripts and we are doing our best efforts to produce a fix for that as soon as possible.


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    Thanks Pierre...I believe I solved the issue I switched towers to TRC invisible and reset config to STATIC MODE (previously using the CROM TOWERS)I have just been running for over a hour and the conflicts have seemed resolved themselves...
    So I believe it was my error with the towers when I added the mission code manager...{ugh}
    Dave =)

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