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Pan Am Railways is the rebirth of Guilford Transportation Industries, or the company that destroyed three great former Class I railroads all in one shot. Guilford was a holding company out of Guilford CT that owned American Filter Corp. and a railroad tie manufacturing plant. That holding company owned by Timothy Mellon of Mellon Bank fame bought the railroads because he liked trains.

This is what happens when management's only purpose is not to run a business to make money, but instead to run it to the ground for tax write-offs and personal gain.
It aches my heart John to see this type of personal gain, with the excuse, and I have heard directly from the horses mouth in different Companies I've had dealings with, we trying improve investor relations, by streamlining our operations. In other words cutting off needed services, having workers do more with less, all for the bottom line. And did you know, in some parts of the world, the next thing they want to do, is driver-less Trains, handled by a Central Dispatch, say what????

How stupid or non nonsensical is that, next it will be Airplanes flight autonomous, like a drone, no pilots, you want to ride on Driver-less Train, or Airplane, thank you, but no, I want someone at the controls. At least in my life......!!!!

Oh and you don't think some one would be able to hack in the controls and take over the plane, like in a Hollywood movie? Scary thought anyway you look at it.....Goto a Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, I bet your hair would be on end with all the hacking that goes on...

I just heard on one of the Computers shows, where your wireless Speakers can be hacked supposedly by someone outside your home with the right equipment.........That is Sci Fi scary........

We live in a different world John, and it doesn't look very good in some respects, just my opinion of course.

Investors already get good cash out of Railroads, as it is.

And one thing the class ones do to much of, rely on mostly Inter-modal, they do not diversify enough on the other types of freight movement. And since Coal is decline now, the Railroads are hurting, so diversification is needed more than ever.....

I live in an area that has tons of Industrial plants etc, and you know what, a good portion of it could be served by Trains, and quite effectively too, but the Railroad Brass do not want that, they instead would rather have point A to Point B, as in Coast to Coast, hence our Freeways are clogged with Semi's and it continues to get worse. Out of 4-5 lane freeways here, 3 are Semi Trucks, how does that work for us, piss poor. And our Freeways and infrastructure take a beating on overweight Trucks pounding the highway......I am not against Truckers either, there is a place in the work force for all, and we need our trucks, they are a very important chain of Transportation, but in the way we run our Transportation these days, leaves a lot to be desired.

I have talked to many Business owners over the years, and they say, either they can get reliable Rail Service, or the Railroad will not come to their area to serve. So it defaults to Trucking.

There is some light in the Tunnel, a lot of Short Lines are getting better at filling in the gaps in the transportation chain.....They can move a fair amount of Freight and connections, where the big Class 1's do not want bother or get involved, so there's that!

Very sad and disturbing.......

And maybe someday, someone will figure out a better way, other than Greed to do the job, they should be doing...........I hope.......!!!