D*G has announced the newest 2020 edition of their product, the “new” factor being the inclusion of some new routes and some environment lighting tweaks.

Expectedly, they haven’t implemented the new visual systems used by Trainz, such as PBR or parallax. Now would be the perfect time for N3V to implement a surge of new features that can be used for leverage against the other sim, as the 2020 version announcement buys some time.

There is current discussion about the current state of Trainz and content creation, and it seems like the ability to import custom content into TSW is still not here, and would be a long and winding road with steep learning curves anyway. If N3V implements features that content creators and route builders favor, I think that Trainz would be able to quickly get the better end of the stick.

Eventually creators would have to migrate to either Trainz or TSW, as newer features in either could quickly leave the legacy Train Sim in the past.