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Thread: 1910s - 1940s Dowloadable Assets

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    Default 1910s - 1940s Dowloadable Assets

    So I'm recreating the Tuckerton Railroad which only ran a few miles between Tuckerton and Barnegat, New Jersey and wound it's way over to Long Beach Island. It lasted only a few years from the turn of the century into the late 1930s while being primarily a passenger railroad. It's an interesting build because of the area (seashore/marsh/pine forrest) and the kinds of loads being hauled by steam locomotives from the Golden Years of steam power. Nevertheless, the scenery is specific and it's something I really want to get right.

    I'm looking for items and buildings that could fit that timeframe between 1900 and 1940. Even things from 1890 and so forth I can fit in. I'm also looking for really nice Victorian style homes to fit into the wealthier areas of the towns along the route.

    If you know of any websites that host that sort of content, point me in the right direction! Thanks guys!

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    Welcome to the forums.

    May I first recommend that you register your program if you have not already done so. You'll get far more responses if you show a registered version in your timeline. If you are Steam user, please contact the Helpdesk here:

    http://support.trainzportal.com/ for assistance in linking your accounts since there are sometimes issues with the servers not connecting, and do the same if you have registered here previously but are now using a different username for whatever reason.

    With that said, there is plenty of content that may work. On the Download Station (DLS), which is reached if you are a registered user, is content by many users such as Dave Snow, for instance that will work for this time period. He made some Classic Revival 1910s-1930s style houses that are ever so common on the east coast. There are also some built-in NZ houses, which look like the Brooks-Skinner cottages found all over, and there are of course plenty more Victorian type larger homes available for download, from of course the DLS.

    On the DLS and built-in are automobiles from that period and there are plenty of people dressed for that time frame as well.
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