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Thread: Non-Prototypical Long Island Rail-Road Route (Only Queens area)

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    Default Non-Prototypical Long Island Rail-Road Route (Only Queens area)

    Alright, one day, I was playing on JeffMorris' NYCTA Route, and I thought; "Maybe I should do like an LIRR portion to this route" . And so I did, but it's not really accurate, reason is i'm just needing my LIRR route fix, since any other LIRR route I found on the forums is down, and/or not completed. I might do an entirely scratch-built Long Island Rail Road Route, but I need to find a good flat DEM first. So here are some non-accurate shots of some stations I made, and note; I'm constantly improvising stops/stations and track yards.


    Kew Gardens

    Forest Hills


    Sunnyside Yards


    Q: Will this route be for release?

    A: No, since this is a mod of someone else's route (apology if mod is unwelcome) this will remain private. I might consider making a better one from scratch

    Criticism is welcome here by the way.

    And note: Elevation isn't really my strong suit when it comes to routes...
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    I recently had to restart because my route became corrupted. Idk how but this gave me the strength to do a better and a bit more accurate representation of the LIRR. I have the elavation at Jamaica done as well as over here near White Pot Junction. I plan on now doing some freight lines that runs above the LIRR mainline, the Port Washington Branch, The Lower Montauk, Some parts of the LIRR Mainline in Long Island, and the abandoned Rockaway Beach Branch. Don’t forget the Atlantic Branch. I will be making new assets for the route such as platforms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajrod1226 View Post
    ... but I need to find a good flat DEM first.
    Hmm, either you want it flat, or you want a DEM. Whats the point of a flat DEM?

    Also, since you are building in T:ANE, I really suggest you look for more up to date content in terms of buildings and splines (trainz-build >3.5). I can see a lot of buildings on your screenshots with low texture resolution that look like they are from the very early days of Trainz and they really do not look good anymore. This will be even more noticable if you ever buy TRS19 and move your route there. Same with the trees. T:ANE supports a new kind of 3d Tree that looks good and is light on ressources. Check out "st_rmm" on the DLS or the Built-in Auran trees starting simply with "Tree" in the object selection.

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    Hey, thanks for the critisms, so I mistakenly put DEM for track maps, and I’m restarting fresh and new. The buildings seen are splines. The new one I’m working on will have newer trees, actual elevation, and some JR or my scratch buildings. So thanks for the feedback! Gladly appreciated. And I don’t need track maps anymore btw.
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    Actually, I found a DEM on the DLS for the LIRR, so I’m starting from there now

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    UPDATE: Thread is no longer in use, and the route is cancelled. Don't really have the experience, nor will power, just gotta keep looking for a LIRR route in the meantime. I might try making my own LIRR DEM and see if it could lay track automatically for me since that's what I've heard, but don't really know where to go yet
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