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Thread: Nvidia GeForce V436.02 driver?

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    Default Nvidia GeForce V436.02 driver?

    I installed Nvidia GeForce version 436.02 driver on my computer running Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 build 18362.325. Tonight, I ran TRS2019 and ran two routes: my own NYCTA subway system and Highline Express on Kickstater Country 2. Both routes appear a little bit brighter than before. I had a problem with the Highline Express session: After going to the last station on the route, I'm supposed to turn the locomotive and tender around but after uncoupling the passenger cars from the locomotive and tender, I don't see the speed dial. How can I fix the problem?

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    The new 'driver' from nVidia works well on all my rigs and is completely unrelated to your 'driver' problem with the Highline Express session.
    I had to adjust the display driver brightness too, as the update allows the Microsoft Display Manager to assert itself immediately after the update.
    Suggest a quick visit to the nVidia Control Panel in your SysTray to adjust the 'Desktop Colour Settings' on the Display Settings menu.
    In step 1 choose the display you want to adjust and in step 2 make suitable changes to the Brightness, Contrast and Gamma sliders to best suit your display and then choose to Apply the nVidia Settings.
    I had to turn my Gamma down a tad and simply left the brightness and Contrast at their defaults.

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