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Thread: Cannot access Settings screen. (1st Drop down menu)

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    Default Cannot access Settings screen. (1st Drop down menu)

    Weird thing. Clicking on settings I no longer go to the screen where I can change the keyboard commands etc. The "Pause" word in white letters comes up and the game darkens a bit. Also on the right lower side of the screen a check-mark and an "X" show up but clicking on either of them has no effect. The only way to leave is by pressing ESC. The biggest thing is that it is happening the same thing when I load Trainz 12 but the game has to be terminated using task manager because I can't get any button or mouse clicks to leave the screen. I suspect that it has to do with the screen resolution or with the font size. I was playing just fine at 4K but now this happens.

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    Have you tried the P key when it shows pause?

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    You may have a faulty or sticking "P" key - "P" is what normally throws Driver into "Pause Mode" and out of it again. As stagecoach has suggested above, press "P" when "Pause" appears on the screen and see what happens.
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    Sorry I made a mistake. The ESC key quits the game. The only way to leave is by hitting ENTER. The P key and any other key has no effect except ESC and ENTER. At the Main Menu where we can choose the routes/sessions etc even from there I cannot access the Settings menu. I have reinstalled again but with the same results. Updated nvidia driverds as well.

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    You are in the wrong location. Open the route or session for edit. Go to the drop down menu top left and select settings, the keyboard selection is in there.

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    Tried on the Surveyor and Driver modes. Problem persists. I've just installed T:ANE and it is working fine. Trainz 12 still same issue. Fullscreen or not I can't get the settings menu to open.

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