This evening I read two threads on different forums about Chromebooks, the first on this Forum under T:ANE asking if T:ANE could be run on a Chromebook which it cannot, and the second on 'The 'A' Register' an IT forum about Google maintenance period of its Chrome OS which appears to be 6.5 years. So what you may ask, well many of us have the fortune of a dedicated Trainz computer and use another for everything computing other than Trainz. For those who use Chromebook you may not want to know that, that 6.5 years does not appear to start the day you made your purchase but from an earlier date determined more likely during manufacture possibly resulting in a Chromebook have a considerable shorter support life than the 6.5 years perhaps expected.

So does this matter, well other than perhaps you not receiving what you may have expected Chrome OS is a derivative of Linux and as a hardened user of Linux pleased don't just take my word that Linux has its fair share of virus, malware etc. as does practically any other OS. If such a Chromebook was not being supported while sharing a network with perhaps a Windows computer running Trainz, and as Windows also employs Linux code can anyone be sure that should that computer get a virus it wouldn't spread to others? A link to the article is below. Stay Safe. Peter xpires/