I saw in a recent newsletter that N3V is working on some US prototype procedural track - something about "dusty track"?

At the moment, I can't seem to find procedural track with:
  • good tie spacing and sizing (and slightly randomized tie lengths)
  • good ballast (and good colors)
  • tie plates and spikes instead of clips
  • wood ties (they didn't use concrete ties in the 1950's where the BC&SJ is set)
  • good LOD behavior
  • a ballast profile that doesn't look like it was created by a CNC milling machine.

So I'm sticking with JR extra-wide ballast 132lb rail track and living with the interesting turnout tie configurations, manual guard rails, the funky LOD issue because up close it looks pretty good

Does anyone know when to expect the new track? I'm hoping it shows up soon.

Or should I expect to be using JR non-procedural track for a while?

It matters to me because I want to use PBR sub-roadbed textures so they'll play nice with the PBR next-to-the-right-of-way textures when I'm using TurfFX (which doesn't play nice when there's a mixture of PBR and non-PBR textures on the ground) nearby. But the combo of PBR textured sub-roadbed and non-procedural track leaves ghost cavities at the ballast/sub-roadbed juncture. I'd prefer not to have to redo the sub-roadbed on 100+ miles of track more than once...

FWIW I've tried using the Bulk Asset Replacement tool to change track from non-procedural to procedural and it said the assets weren't compatible. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone used bulk track replacement to successfully go from non-procedural track to procedural track?

Horace Fithers