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    Question Transdem help 2019

    Dear all,

    I need a tiny help of strm files, my goal is to do a project is to do North America from west to east, but strm files do not match, when adding them together. is there any support you can give me.




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    Well for starters it's SRTM and trying to extract a 3000 mile route in one go will probably be beyond the capabilities of Transdem not to mention such a route being way beyond the capacity of one route builder to produce in less than about 25 years. Also highly unlikely such a long route would even open in Surveyor.

    If you are intent on tackling such a big project then the best source to acquire the data quickly is here. http://www.viewfinderpanoramas.org/dem3.html

    However you need to do a bit of work to evaluate which latitude and longitude you require and don't forget for US you need to add another unit to the longitude reading to get the correct DEM quad, e.g. a position of 42.5 N x 123.5 W would actually need the 42N124W hgt file.

    You are still trying to bite off far more than you can chew, though.
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    Plus I doubt anyone has a pc that could handle so much information. I'd say it would take a full day just to load it!

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    Take it from a guy that did a 200+ mile TransDEM route. It took me 7 years and I'm still doing touch ups to it. I'm waiting for SP4 to come out so I can make any repairs then release it.

    Future additions to the route will be done it much smaller modules so I can finish them in a more timely manner.


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    Heed the warnings above. Even if, and that's a BIG if, you could somehow get the route built, who would want to sit for days on end watching the endless tracks disappearing under the wheels. It's a loooong way from end to end, close to 6000 baseboards in a straight line, depending on where you measure. If you were to follow a realistic route, it would be many more.

    I think you'll have more fun if you model a much smaller route. Pick an interesting location and you'll be able to add much more detail and variety.

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    Heed the warnings above. That is a huge route you are looking at with varied terrain, and this terrain will make for a much larger route than any personal computer can handle.

    I just extracted a tiny, by comparison, bit of the Rockies near Laramie Wyoming, and that 55 mile route chunk turned out to be close to 750 MB. From past experience I will say that anything larger than that gets a bit sketchy as to whether the route can be imported or not, because anything larger than that will crash TRS19 Content Manager right to the desktop.
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