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Thread: Any content creator interested in making some 3D Ponga Tree's? NZ (Existing are 2D).

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    Wink Any content creator interested in making some 3D Ponga Tree's? NZ (Existing are 2D).

    I've been asked by a well known route creator to see if I can find someone that is prepared to make some 3D (NZ) Ponga Tree's to replace the existing 2D Ponga Tree's. They don't have to be "speedtree's" (it would be a bonus if they where). They don't have to be seasonal either... (The route creator uses them extensively in his route/s).

    I've been authorised to offer a small reward to anyone that can make these 3D Ponga Tree's. The height of the existing 2D ponga trees are; 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 metres. (There's two other small cluster sets).

    If anyone is interested, could you please PM me for the details.

    Many thanks,



    Cheers, Mac...
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    There are many types of tree ferns in New Zealand, including the ponga, aka the Silver fern (frequently seen on All Blacks/ Black Fern's jerseys in Rugby Football) because of the silvery underside of the fronds.
    Suggest any respondees to the request above check out photographs of the real thing on either Bing or Google Search, using the search string: "images: New Zealand tree fern"
    That will display some of the enormous variety of tree fern types seen in the forests and countryside gullies in New Zealand.
    For the botanists among us, check out this link on the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network's website:

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