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Thread: Question for experienced Modelers about TRC crossings

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    Default Question for experienced Modelers about TRC crossings

    I've decided to give the model RR concept a try, and was playing around a bit today on one of Euromodellers newly released table top setups. (Tks euromodeller)

    My question is about TRC crossings. I'm used to using real scale, what distances do those of you who use TRC crossings use in HO scale? I usually go 50m and 300m, but that seeks like a long way on an HO Model.

    Perhaps there's a simple formula for converting things to HO?

    Thanks for any/all assistance, much appreciated.


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    Trainz is in actual fact Real scale what ever scale you use. it is only the measurement that is effected by scale. 100.00m in full scale = 1.1m in HO scale, 50.0m = 0.6m. The grid squares remain the same size real scale or HO scale. Open the drop down edit menu at top of route and select edit route, change the scale to real scale and you will see the map remains the same. Now place a trigger 50.0m from crossing. Go back to edit route and back to HO. The trigger is now only 0.6m from crossing but still at the point you placed it.

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    Figured it out, tks for the help.

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